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Vacations on the Mexican Caribbean

With the boom that has taken Playa del Carmen in recent years who would not want to visit?

No exist person who has not heard of this beautiful city, and those who have not, delight when someone says the experiences perceptions of this small place, that in a few years went from being a “little fishing village” to become the Mexican beach destination more cosmopolitan.

Playa del Carmen has it all for all! At first glance, it seems that their 5th Avenue, its turquoise beaches and the variety of nightclubs, are not enough. However, main visitors arrive to place at least a week,others rent for longer stays or stay flat to live. The City invites it.

One thing is true, travel here means Tanning at Beach Club (one of the many that exist) for a few days, but what to do next? This is where the magic comes. The offer is so varied that the itinerary may vary from visiting the archeological sites of Tulum and Coba, tour some of the hundreds of cenotes that are open to the public for exploration, take a tour of a Mayan Village to enjoy culture and local food, let them run the adrenalin in ATV or  through the jungle of Quintana Roo, without leaving aside the natural theme parks, where entertainment is always considered for the whole family.

Good information reached to explore the variety that exists throughout the Riviera Maya and, of course, near Playa del Carmen. Now, if the plan is to travel and relax to disconnect from the world, sun and beach paradise show that only the Mexican Caribbean can offer this.

It is best to always seek information online, but you can approach someone who can provide details that escapes the editors of the site. At Hotel Lunata, besides having beautiful rooms on 5th Avenue and excellent prices, we have a fully trained staff to provide care and information you require.

We are at your service.

We wait you at the Hotel Lunata.



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